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As a participant in the lottery industry in the PRC, CLS is devoted to providing advanced international lottery technology and management expertise to the industry; and in doing so, we pay close attention to social responsibility issues.

As one of the initiators and donors of the China Social Assistance Foundation (CSAF), CLS has been actively engaged in good causes over the years through participating in CSR activities in the fields of medical, salvation, education and environmental protection, and it's total donation has exceeded ten million yuan. On 15 April 2016, CLS contributed another RMB10 million to CSAF for social assistance and philanthropy. CLS and CSAF have jointly launched nearly 60 good causes public-raising funds and projects, which includes ¡°Love and Save the Pneumoconiosis Charity Fund¡±, ¡°Caring WWII Veterans of China Social Assistance Foundation¡±, ¡°Train of Happiness Project¡±, ¡°Listening Angel Project¡±, ¡°Caring the Empty-Nester Action¡±, ¡°Salvage Case Project¡±, ¡°Increasing Love for Decreasing AIDS Public Welfare Foundation¡±, ¡°Medical Welfare Committee of Experts¡±. CLS commits to good causes and contributes to society with real actions.

Our Mission of Welfare Lottery

CLS believes that active participation in community services, concern for society and people, and corporate social responsibilities should be not only promises of foresighted corporations, but also fundamental beliefs of participants in the lottery industry in the PRC.

Sharing a venerated mission of the PRC's welfare lottery of " helping the aged, the disadvantaged, the orphans, the needy and providing disaster relief(¡°·öÀÏ¡¢Öúšˆ¡¢¾È¹Â¡¢úÀ§¡¢ÙcžÄ¡±)", CLS assists lottery management organizations in improving the lottery sales system, enriching the content of lottery games, enhancing social recognition of welfare lottery, achieving satisfactory operations and healthy growth of the PRC's welfare lottery as well as encouraging development of social welfare and security.

Responsible Gaming

In view of the distinctive features of the gaming industry, CLS earnestly avoids the negative influences of lottery over the society through the promotion of positive values of community caring and social entertainment.

CLS is dedicated to the development of "responsible gaming". It offers its customers a user-friendly and responsible gaming platform with its professional knowledge and advanced technology.

Through the joint venture formed with its strategic partners, CLS is working closely with China Welfare Lottery Issuance Centre ("CWLC"). It assists CWLC in carrying out in-depth analysis over the existing VLT/Video Lottery System, raising improvement proposals in respect of various areas such as optimising the design of lottery games to make them more entertaining and interactive. It also develops control and management systems which help lottery players to cultivate disciplined gaming habits through the use of advanced software that can manage and effectively limit their lottery expenses.

In order to provide customers with practical marketing strategies and establish a healthy entertainment environment hand in hand with lottery management organizations, CLS liaises extensively with specialists in the industry and studies the features of consumer behaviour of the worldwide lottery market.

It also supports pathological and underage gaming research and takes part in the activities organised by social groups and communities which aim at helping those suffering from gaming problems.

Environmental Policy

CLS has dedicated itself to environmental protection through pollution prevention, waste and emission reduction, energy saving and other environmental protection measures to achieve sustainable development.

CLS pays full consideration to the potential environmental impacts of its daily operation, project development, product development and management through its cooperation with partners. It does its best to prohibit the use of toxic materials and minimize the use of natural resources so as to create a favourable social environment and working condition.

CLS will implement the following policies for its environmental protection goals:

1. Fully comply with the existing environmental regulations and any other relevant requirements entered into by the Company

2. Boost technology and engineering development, design environmental-friendly products and reduce damages to the environment

3. Implement energy saving measures, resources recycling, prohibit the use of- harmful substances and promote energy consumption reduction during product research and development and project planning

4. Provide environmental training for the staff to enhance their environmental and energy saving awareness; strive for continuous improvement in environmental management through monitoring and education

5. Share information openly with investors, customers, partners, suppliers, the public, government and parties who are concerned about our environmental protection achievement and continued improvement.
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